Collection: The Luzzu Collection

 This Collection is inspired from from the heritage Maltese Luzzu . The Luzzu is a traditional fishing boat from the Maltese islands. This type of boat developed in the early 20th century, although it is very similar to much older traditional Maltese boats such as the ferilla. They are usually painted in bright colours, while the bow has a pair of eyes.

The Italian gozzo visited Malta frequently in the 1880s, and the design of the luzzu is believed to have evolved from it in the early 20th century. The boat is also similar to the Maltese ferilla, but it has a higher freeboard and a shorter stem and is made of stronger timber.

 Early luzzijiet were mainly used as transport vessels, but after they were motorised they became popular as fishing boats. Modern versions of the boats have a deck and some have a cabin. Today, no new luzzijiet are built, but a few hundred boats are still in operation, particularly at Marsaxlokk. Some luzzijiet have been converted to passenger carriers for tourists although the vast majority continue to be used as fishing vessels.

 On 30 October 1948, an overloaded luzzu that was being used to ferry passengers from Malta to Gozo capsized and sank off Ħondoq ir-Rummien, and 23 people were killed.