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This particular collection was created in honor of Daniel's grandmother, Concetta Mifsud, who commemorates her birthday during the week of St. Mary's Conception. Concetta has a deep-rooted fondness for the festivity of St. Mary's Conception in Bormla, which name she bears. We aspire to pay homage to her by dedicating this collection to her. Unbeknownst to many, behind the story of the St Mary's Conception parish church in Bormla lies the Legend of Our Lady of Marzabba. Dating back to the thirteenth century in Sicily is an enthralling tale. It revolves around a family whose daughter, Petruzza, was taken by the devil after her mother lost her patience with her and told her "If only the devil could take you away". Rokku, the father, was a captain who was away from home for extended periods, leaving Petruzzato be take care of almost solely by her mother. One day, Rokku and his friends were sailing to Malta, upon arrival at the bay which is today the Bormla creek, they overheard screams. They rushed to help and to their surprise witnessed the devil assaulting a girl. Stunned as they were, they started praying to Our Lady of Help. To thei astonishment a lady appeared through a blinding light with a stem of marzebba in her hand and used it to free the girl by beating the devil. Upon Rokku's return home, he discovered that the girl they had rescued was his daughter, Petruzza. In gratitude to Our Lady of Help, he pledged to build a small church in Malta, which is now the Bormla Parish Church. the first ever statue of the St Mary's Conception was carved out of a log of marzebba. Visit our website to take a closer look at our most festive collection yet.